ComeOn Gaming: Casino Slot Games in India

ComeOn Casino gives the phrase ‘make it rain’ a new meaning by offering players nearly unlimited fun with entertaining games, as they gamble on winning it big! With numerous casino games and lucrative jackpots, ComeOn is rolling virtual dice with the industry’s big boys.

Historically, online gambling grew by leaps and bounds. In 1996, only 15 online casinos operated on the world wide web. One year later, the number increased to 200, a sign of exponential growth in the market sector. Online gambling revenue has increased from $830 million in 1998 to more than 50 billion globally, making online casinos one of the internet’s most lucrative business sectors.

It’s no wonder this casino is pulling out all the stops to draw new clients and retain existing business. From popular live games to hefty bonuses, ComeOn is working hard to carve out a substantial market share in the online casino space. The casino is finding success in the market, offering gaming services to online customers in different countries. ComeOn is not the only online brand seeking to cash in on providing internet access to classic and high-tech casino games.

Top brands are looking for a competitive edge. Even well-known casinos are offering online gambling to increase revenue. So how does ComeOn Casino compete in a crowded casino field? According to the company’s website, quality games are a big draw for players across the globe.


About ComeOn Casino

Founded in 2010, ComeOn Casino’s headquarters is in London, and the online casino is owned by Malta-based Co-Gaming Limited. The owners are serious about fair play. According to the company’s website, the online casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. It also received an IBAS Badge from the London-based Betting Adjudication Service, a gambling commission that enforces strict standards for licensed casinos.

Why ComeOn? The online casino rises above its competitors in four areas, including banking, compatibility, graphics, and games.


Players have a wide range of banking options to choose from during the sign-up process. The easy payment setup makes playing a breeze. Gamers may begin enjoying games and wagering quickly, after implementing a few simple steps to choose a payment method and confirm the account.


Players may enjoy unlimited access to ComeOn casino via PC, laptop, or mobile devices. Windows, Android, iOS and Blackberry devices are fully compatible with ComeOn Casino, giving players in different areas of the globe the opportunity to enjoy the platform’s casino games.


State-of-the-art graphics keep both mobile and PC users focused on ComeOn Casino’s dynamic animations. Crystal-clear visuals increase gaming fun! It’s one of the most important elements, which ensures players enjoy the ComeOn Casino experience.

ComeOn Gaming: Casino Slot Games in India

ComeOn Gaming provides casino betting online in different countries, including India. Gambling in India is highly regulated. Indian-based casinos are prohibited from promoting online casinos. However, non-Indian casino companies are free to offer gambling to India’s citizens, as long as the casinos allow players to pay with Indian Rupees.

ComeOn is one of the fastest-growing casino gaming providers in India. Promoting itself as India’s best online casino, the company offers a variety of games, including slots. Slots are the most popular casino game. That’s why ComeOn offers dynamic, creative versions of classic favourites and exciting gaming fun, which players won’t find at any other casino.

However, the laws that govern gambling in India are complex. According to the Bombay Wager Act, internet gambling, in India’s state, Maharastra, is illegal. Individual states in India tend to make determinations about whether to allow gambling. India’s Supreme Court has sought guidance from the central government on gambling. Without such guidance, the courts have basically left states to interpret the legality of gambling, according to state laws.

In 2015, the Central Board of Direct Taxes in India determined that the country’s online poker players must declare monetary income from internet-based poker sites.


ComeOn Casino’s client base continues to grow, with gamers accessing via PC and mobile devices. The site’s games include slots, poker, and live casino play. Detailed guides take players through instructions for popular games, like Rummy, Black Jack, Roulette, Poker, and Cricket Betting. The offerings are diverse, providing variety for discerning gamers. From sports betting to video slots, this casino gives customers many choices and loads of fun.



Whether a player enjoys adventure, sports, or classic games, they’ll find a rich selection of video slots at ComeOn Casino. Enjoy slots games at no cost. According to the casino’s website, slots are easy to win. Players can possibly win jackpot money. The virtual slots mimic the real thing. Like classic slots in land-based casinos across India, ComeOn’s online slot games showcase a variety of themes to gamers who are looking for entertaining casino fun. Players enjoy thrilling game action, with detailed graphics and lots of excitement.

The feature-rich, virtual slot experience includes multipliers, free spins, and sensational bonuses. ComeOn Casino develops its gaming enterprise by creating a customer-friendly approach, with free slots and bonus rounds. Additional paylines and innovative technology are sure to make digital slot gaming at ComeOn an experience to remember.

Opportunities to choose games for free play are available by searching for slots in the Explore section or via the search function. Choose a slot theme from a variety of exciting, virtual games. Under the slot’s picture is a three-dot symbol to the right. Click the three dots to Play for Fun. It’s an easy way to enjoy free games.

ComeOn Casino Sports

For sports enthusiasts, ComeOn Casino offers many gaming options. The website has tennis, hockey, basketball, cricket, football, golf, badminton horse racing, and other sports games. There are also betting opportunities on the website, during the Olympics and other high-profile, competitive games.


ComeOn Casino Poker

Poker is a game, which takes strategy and skill. Winning at ComeOn Casino is no different. Online poker offers players the thrill of competition in the comfort of home. Whether a player chooses popular games, such as Texas Hold ’em, Omaha or 7-Card Stud, live casino play offers a chance to beat other players with memory and mental stamina.

Traditionally, poker is a game that is easy to learn, but tough to master. Overall, whether a player engages in poker tournaments, poker sites, or video poker, the game offers a chance to win big. Despite the different types of poker games, all the games have four basic rules.

  • Raise: A player raises his bet against an opponent if he has a good hand or is bluffing.
  • Fold: A player may fold and exit the game if he doesn’t have a good hand.
  • Call: A player uses the call option to equal the amount a player wagers.
  • Check: A player may check to pass his option to bet if no player increases the wager.

One of the biggest challenges for new players is learning which hands will win the game. From a Royal Flush to a Pair, knowing the winning card combinations is fundamental to winning the cash pot.

Players wager for fun or hone skills by becoming familiar with calculating the probable cards other players may hold. Seasoned players also access ComeOn Casino’s poker options to pit themselves against high-level players who have come to the virtual poker table for one reason, to win the pot.

ComeOn Live Casino Play

Enjoy super-charged fun with live game interaction. Technological advances give ComeOn Casino players the ability to put bets on games in real-time. Live offerings appeal to a broad demographic by offering classic casino games, which most players enjoy. High-quality, live-action games at ComeOn’s website include:

  • Stud Poker
  • Hold ’em
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack

Similar to a land-based casino, a dealer from ComeOn Casino plays a game live, allowing online players to place bets through the computer. Generally, communication occurs through text chat features, incorporated in the software. The player interacts with the casino in the same way he would at a real-life, land-based casino property. The results from the game, such as the card dealt or roulette spin results are converted to data and transmitted to the online players.

Generally, live games are more expensive than virtual games, because of personnel, like cameramen and IT professionals. In addition, live studio, servers, and other expenses increase costs. As a result, many live casino operations offer only a few of the most popular games. At the same time, a casino may offer hundreds of virtual games for players, because these games are less expensive to operate.


How to Register

It’s free to register to begin playing games at ComeOn Casino. Players click the ‘Open Account’ tab to enter details, such as email, password, and username. After receiving a verification link, players may complete registration by providing age and country of origin. ComeOn casino has an age requirement. The minimum age to register and play on the casino’s website is 18-years old.

After signing up, players choose a payment method for making payments and receiving withdrawals. These are the few, simple steps a wager takes before he or she is eligible to choose games and receive amazing bonuses.

ComeOn Casino Bonus

ComeOn Casino claims it’s easier to obtain bonuses at the company’s online gaming site than most other casinos. According to the company’s website, players know where to get cash and bonuses. Gamers are eligible, once wagering requirements are satisfied. Beginners and seasoned players are both eligible for certain bonuses, depending on the promotion. Terms and conditions apply, including a requirement for players to sign up for the website’s ‘My Bonus’ section to receive a bonus. In general, the ComeOn Casino bonus structure is as follows:

  • First-time depositors receive a bonus.
  • New Players receive a sign–up bonus.
  • Bonuses come with wagering requirements.
  • Make the minimum deposit to see a prompt to accept a bonus.
  • Bonuses include free spins.

ComeOn Freespins

Free Spins have revolutionized the world of online slot gambling. Receive free spins at ComeOn Casino for just signing up. Opportunities to play for free are what fuels the gambling establishment’s popularity. Players flock to casinos for the excitement of virtual slots. It’s a time-tested way to learn slot betting. Customers figure out how to wager while spinning for free.

It’s industry standard to offer both deposit and no-deposit bonus options to give new players an opportunity to try out the site. Online casinos are popping up all over the internet. The ComeOn Casino bonus continues to draw players, who may consider other gaming options. ComeOn Casino gives players two ways to receive free spins, through a casino bonus or a game feature.

There’s a strategy for winning with free spins. It includes reading the game’s instructions. Knowing how to play the game will give gamers a chance to possibly win money. Slots are random. Remaining calm while playing helps players keep everything in perspective. The goal of free spins is to help players make money. Emotional play may affect the game, according to ComeOn Casino’s website. Maintaining a spirit of fun may help new players stay focused on the game. A focused player stands a better chance of walking away with cold cash from free spins.

A no-deposit bonus drops credits in a player’s account, once he or she signs up. A wagering requirement is attached to free spins, but players may use free spins to win real money. Cash deposit free spins award a player who signs up for an account when he makes his first deposit. The casino may give cash money or free spins. In some cases, players may receive a cash bonus match. It’s the way a casino shows it’s appreciation to new players.


ComeOn Mobile

Mobile gambling allows gamers to wager on games by accessing casino applications via an app or the mobile web. Mobile casinos are accessible to every player with a smartphone, mobile phone, or tablet. In 2010, global mobile gambling revenues hit $4.7 billion. More than 7 percent of smartphone users access casinos on smartphones, according to a study by ComScore MobiLens in the same year. It’s a growing trend, which, in 2013, prompted Apple and Google to permit the distribution of mobile gambling applications by their respective services in the United States.

ComeOn mobile apps are Apple and Android compatible, with a simple download process.

For Androids:

  • Go to the site to click on the Android logo.
  • Allow all downloads in settings.
  • Launch the app, once downloaded
  • Don’t forget to return the phone to original download settings.

For Apple:

  • Have an 11.0 or newer device
  • Go to the app store
  • Download the app
  • Launch the app

Bandwidth is required to load sound, graphics, and animation. For phones that are not compatible, players may access ComeOn Casino via mobile web. With a good internet connection, the online casino offers gaming access in multiple languages. Languages include Finnish, German, English, Swedish, Norwegian, and Polish. Customer support is available to help with mobile app installation 24/7, according to ComeOn Casino’s website.


Secure Play

ComeOn Casino offers a secure socket layer (SSL), encryption technology to safeguard transactions. The casino’s parent company, Co-Gaming Limited is responsible for safely managing hundreds of thousands of online transactions every day. The casino’s network team monitors the platform 24/7 to ensure compliance with industry security standards, keeping all transactions safe and secure.

How to Deposit Money at ComeOn

ComeOn casino offers multiple payment options for gamers. In some cases, depending on the payment method, a player may incur deposit charges and a minimum deposit requirement. Deposit charges are not applicable for players who choose Visa or MasterCard, debit or credit cards as a method of payment. PayPal, Apple Pay, and Neteller payments are also exempt from deposit fees. However, wagers who choose to pay via Skrill, PaySafe, or bank transfers shall incur a deposit fee.

How to Withdraw Money at ComeOn

It doesn’t cost a cent to withdraw funds. In fact, according to ComeOn Casino, withdrawals are simple and the time frame for receiving funds is short. Skrill and Neteller funded accounts should receive withdrawn funds within 24 hours. Bank transfers take up to 7 days. ComeOn Gaming allows a minimum and maximum withdrawal. The maximum withdrawal request allowed depends on a player’s payment method. There’s also a charge to accounts for withdrawing funds after a player makes more than two withdrawal requests a month.

Responsible Gambling

ComeOn Gaming helps fund the Responsible Gaming Trust, an organization that provides prevention and education strategies to problem gamblers. At least three gamblers out of 100 struggle with gambling addiction. ComeOn is committed to maintaining a responsible gambling culture by supporting addiction prevention, educating players, and offering tools to combat this growing issue.

Responsible betting includes understanding the risks associated with excessive gambling behaviours, such as financial problems or poor health. ComeOn’s responsible gambling protocols help ensure gamblers access the site for entertainment. The casino encourages players to have fun while wagering responsibly. Here are a few tips for playing within personal limits.

  • Know the budget limit, and stick to the limit while gambling
  • Play casino games for entertainment and fun, not to obtain income
  • Never gamble while intoxicated
  • Players should only bet expendable money, in case of loss
  • Take a break
  • Decide in advance when to stop
  • Take advantage of ComeOn Gaming’s support services and tools

As a casino which promotes responsible gambling, ComeOn reminds players that gambling is entertainment. This forward-thinking approach to managing its online casino helps players who may need a gambling break. Here are four ways players may self-monitor gambling habits.


Risk Profile

Every player may access a Risk Profile within the ComeOn Casino account. The profile collects data from each player’s transaction history to provide an overall view of the wager’s gambling habits. ComeOn encourages each player to keep track of his spending history and keep an eye out for unusual betting trends and warning signs.

Account Limit

Account limits are designed to help gamers stick to a gambling budget. By setting a deposit limit, before engaging in play a gambler regulates his total amount spent for the day, week, or month. Players must access the ‘Responsible Gaming’ section of the website to increase or decrease limits. There is a 24-hour waiting period before an account limit increase takes effect. Account limit decreases are reflected immediately.

Reality Check

Reality Check is a popular tool to help promote responsible gambling. During play, this tool reminds wagers about the length of log-in time and the amounts won or lost. Each player controls the time intervals between reality-check reminders in his account.

Account Suspension

A player may choose to voluntarily suspend his account if he feels a need to take a break from gambling. There are two ways to suspend an account to allow a gamer time to think about his gambling habits. Players may access account settings to suspend an account for 24 hours to 6 months, or contact customer support to suspend an account for a longer time frame.

Protecting Minors

No minor may play games on ComeOn Casino online properties. The casino reserves the right to confirm a player’s identity, and lock an account until the 18-year old minimum age requirement is verified.

Parental controls are also an important aspect of keeping minors from online casino gambling. Keep passwords and other account information in a safe place. Free software, like CYBERSitter or Net Nanny, protects children from accessing sites without authorization. Parents should also remember to log out of the casino account when finished.

ComeOn Casino has grown into a well-recognized player in the online casino space. Offering compatible access through PC and mobile devices, the casino reaches players in different areas of the globe. This access fuels the company’s continued growth in major countries, which allow citizens to gamble on the internet. By offering live casino games, ComeOn gives players the opportunity to enjoy both fun, virtual games and exciting, live play against the house or other players. By managing every aspect of the casino, including customer support, fair gameplay, and account security, ComeOn Casino is managing to obtain a significant market share for an up and coming player in the online casino industry.